Leading ticketing platform Minticket and Glownet.com, the world’s leading provider of experiential event technology solutions, are delighted to announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration will enable Minticket to develop their event ticketing experience, offering organizers and attendees unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Minticket will employ Glownet.com’s cutting-edge product stack, creating a comprehensive and user-friendly solution. This partnership combines the strengths of both companies to deliver a powerful ticketing ecosystem that enhances customer transactions in payments & ticketing, streamlining event operations.

Minticket’s revolutionary blockchain ticketing solution will now offer multi-functional digital wallets, the features of which enable organizers to gain real-time insights into customer journeys, increase brand value, and deliver targeted campaigns and offers to nurture loyalty.

“We are thrilled to partner with Minticket to offer an enhanced ticketing platform for event organizers,” said Scott Witters, CRO of Glownet.com. “By integrating our experiential event technology solutions with Minticket’s robust ticketing system, we are reshaping the customer journey for Mintickets’ clients and ultimately, the customer!”

“The partnership is driven by a shared vision to bridge the gap between physical and digital touchpoints, creating a fully integrated and immersive user experience.” said Dominic Bedard, Co-Founder of Minticket.

“This partnership aligns with our commitment to provide event organizers with innovative ticketing solutions that streamline operations and enhance the overall event experience. Together, we will enable full customer journey visibility and empower event organizers to deliver a truly memorable and seamless experience.”


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