Experiential meets operational

Want to add integrated cashless, access control & ops management tools with real-time customer journey mapping to your products? Look no further, you’ve found what you’re looking for.

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Market-leading innovation

Built for live environments, glownetopera has been tried, tested & deployed across 6 continents 4000+ times. Everywhere from amusement parks & carnivals to food festivals & stadia.


No limitations across sites, enable systems & custom user permissions.


Unlimited digital & real-world touch-points. Mobile, self-service or concierge-style stations.


Online & in-person sales of cashless credit, packages & upgrades.


Measure spending habits to increase value for clients, sponsors & users.

glownetopera pairs seamlessly with glownetagora for a fully integrated customer journey from ticket POS to post-experiential interactions.

RFID enabled

Use glownetopera to offer cards or wristbands for clients, and deliver operational fluidity. Capture data at various physical, real-world touch points and feed it into the digital journey to give end-to-end visibility.

Digital wallets

One place to enable customer interactions. Pair with the glownetagora ticketing suite for full journey visibility.


Integrated gateways with popular payment channels.


Redeemable tokens for specific items/goods. Great for staff meals or customer packages.

Offers & discounts

Customizable in real-time with qualifying behavioural spending milestones.


Open & closed-loop infrastructures across single ot multi-sites.


Integrate with glownetagora & add tickets to the wallet for access, transit & more.

Access control

Access permissions are based on user roles or purchases. Zonal site access controls.


Multiple tools with payment options allow client & customer transactions in their preferred method.

Prepaid top-ups

Buy online, automatically added to the users' wallet.

Mobile top-ups

Via mobile site or app integrations. Connects with Google/Apple Pay.

In-person top-ups

Physical locations or self-service kiosks for buying cashless credit.


Sell specific physical products or credit as custom packages.

Channel management

See spending habits in real time & customize offers & purchase options.

Customized currencies

Custom currency names & values. Endless sponsor or brand amplification opportunities.


Target customers in real-time with rich-data automations that send targeted offers & opportunities.


Enable loyalty programs that unlock offers or freebies when conditions are met.


Offer upgrades based on any number of qualifying criteria.

Social media

Integrate users' social media accounts for brand amplication.


Offer experiences based on targeted demographics.

Spread the word

Influencer mass marketing strategies automated via digital wallets.