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Please read the information below to find out how to claim an event refund.

  • Statement to customers

Glownet does not make, accommodate or manage any financial transactions between customers and event promotors when purchasing tokens, virtual credits or virtual currencies. Our platform is designed to manage virtual transactions of virtual currencies and credits, only after they have been purchased from the event promotor, using a third party transaction provider.

As such, Glownet never holds any funds on behalf of either their clients or their customers. All refunds are processed by a third party provider. Glownet provides information to the promotor and transaction processor to enable the swift, accurate refund of any unspent credits.

Online refunds:

After an event finishes, an online refund portal is made available to enable customers to reclaim any unspent credits from the event. The refund portal usually opens within 48hrs of the event closing, and is made available through the event's website and social media accounts. Some promoters may also email you a link, although not always.

Do not worry if the portal does not open immediately at the end of the event, just check back on the event website after a few days to find the link.

Simply complete the refund form to claim a refund. You will need your wristband/smart-card ID number in order to do this, which can be found on the back. Some events may ask you to register your account online before using it, in these cases, it may be possible to refund you by logging in with your email address, although this is not always possible.

Refund transactions are made a by third-party financial provider, and so it is difficult to say when any refunded amounts will arrive in your account. We work hard with our partners to make our contribution to this process as swift as possible, and on average the process is completed in within two working weeks of a claim being made. (Sometimes the time taken is a lot less!)

On-site refunds:

Some event promoters offer on-site refunds. These can be claimed when in attendance, from one of the marked refund stations provided.

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