Live Click & Collect: The Future for Events?

July 24, 2019
In the retail, restaurant and the event industries, more and more promoters look to digital solutions that enable their customers to buy now and collect later.

Buy online, collect in person. We call this process “omni-channel”. Thanks to the digital boom of online retailing, consumers are already well-versed in the concept of click-and-collect.

Offering add-on or up-sale packages before an event increases sales, and we have seen a larger number of events deploy this with great success. Customers can purchase add-ons and upgrades for at the same time as purchasing their event ticket. And it isn’t aren’t limited to food and drink orders, with promoters now able to offer exclusive merchandise, experience or hospitality upgrades through online platforms.

This omni-channel approach may be proven to increase revenue, but there are still a large number of potential customers “slipping through the gaps” who present a substantial opportunity for additional revenue. The reality is that many customers can be indecisive, and many simply don’t want to commit to purchases before they arrive.

It’s understandable. Guests might not know what they want to eat or drink, or know what experiences they want to enjoy in the weeks before an event. But more than that, we believe that they  should be entitled to have a more customized experience and the ability to change their minds on the day, maximizing their enjoyment of an event.

Events have been utilizing pre-event click-and-collect promotions for years through a variety of ticketing platforms.

Real-Time and Self-Service

The only option for promoters to offer these services and increase sales in this way is to employ a real-time click-and collect solution on-site, during the event. There are several ways that this is enabled. The first, is through on-site self-service kiosks strategically positioned around the venue. Self-service is a great way to further enhance customer experience, reducing queue-times and offering a digital showcase for product, offers and sponsors alike.


Customers love self-service kiosks, with increasing numbers using them in retail and fast-food environments. They are proven to reduce queue times, lower staffing costs, increase customer experience and of course, increase sales.


For permanent venues such as arenas, stadiums and show-grounds they are perfect, but for temporary events they can be a costly solution to implement. There are cheaper alternatives such as tablet stands, but many tablets simply aren’t tough enough to face the onslaught of thousands of hungry and thirsty fans.


But luckily for promoters, 99% of their attendees already own the right hardware to implement real-time click-and-collect systems.

McDonalds were one of the early adopters of self-service kiosks, a technology which is quickly being adopted by the global event industry.

Mobile Self-Service

We recently wrote a blog post about mobile self-service, but beyond the simple online purchases we spoke about previously, what if we could integrate click-and-collect functionality that drives revenue?


Imagine your favourite fast-food delivery service, such as UberEats or Deliveroo. Click-and-collect orders at events can work in exactly the same way. Customers could select a vendor from the list, and see the entire menu. They can then make an order from their smart-phone and choose a time-slot to collect their order directly. They can even receive updates on their order, and notifications informing them when it is ready for collection.


It really could be that simple for customers, who could now order burgers, beers or anything they choose without stepping foot near a queue. Of course, this solution isn’t only perfect for temporary events, but also for fixed venues such as stadiums, where fans can order in advance and avoid missing a crucial score.