Glownet: Celebrating 5 years of Sónar!

July 24, 2019
Glownet and Sónar’s long-term partnership has seen come of the most extensive RFID cashless event implementations anywhere in the world. 2019 marks 5 fantastic years of the collaboration.

Glownet’s custom offer includes a full cashless solution, API ticketing integration, on-site check-in, access control and a combination of on-site and online portals to allow guest interactions. These include integrated cashless account top-ups and refunds.


Siebe Gerbranda, CEO at Glownet was keen to emphasize the huge impact on the industry that Glownet’s ongoing relationship with Sónar has had: “When we first partnered with Sónar, industry adoption was not as common as it is becoming today. Sónar chose to work with Glownet to showcase leading innovation, and together we continue to achieve this aim. Both our platform and delivery solution has evolved over the years, and Sónar have been at the forefront of this innovation.”


“This ongoing partnership is not only a fantastic case study for Glownet, but for festivals around the globe, proving the huge benefits of RFID cashless and its accompanying features.”

The 2019 edition of the festival marks our 4th successful year with the event.

Today, Sónar stands as an iconic pillar of innovation. With one of the most comprehensive deployments within the industry, they benefit from a variety of products and features across their site operations. Glownet’s world-class reporting platform has directly contributed to their ambitions to achieve business growth and sustainability.

“Glownet have great technology, excellent implementation in the field, and a continued focus on innovation.”
Ventura Barba
Executive Director of S​ó​nar

Nathan Skelton, Glownet’s on-site delivery manager for the event, said: “Sónar is one of our favourite events to deliver each and every year! They were one of the earliest adopters of a full RFID solution, and each year we have worked alongside their incredibly talented production team realize benefits of using our system. It’s a very easy process to get our solution deployed and working to its maximium capabilities!”

Fans revel in the Spanish sunshine at the 2019 event.

About S​ó​nar

S​ó​nar is one of Europe’s most celebrated music and digital culture festivals, with more than, 120,000 attendees hsoted across a variety of fixed and temporary venues in barcelona, Spain. As well as the flagship event in Barcelona, Sónar hosts events around the world, with annual festivals currently taking place in Bogota, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Reykjavik and Istanbul. For more info go to