Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Self-Service Top-Ups

May 23, 2019
Our mobile self-service features are hugely popular, and offer event attendees an easy way to interact with cashless systems both before and during events.

What is mobile self-service?

Mobile self-service works in exactly the same way as self-service kiosks and checkouts that you might find in grocery stores or fast-food restaurants, with one major difference; there are no physical kiosks or checkouts, all transactions are completed via the user’s smartphone.

How does it work?

We enable an online platform that guests can access on their smart-phones. This is usually a mobile site, although customization can integrate these features within an app. This online portal is customizable for each event, with custom menus and payment options dependant on a client’s needs.

On the reverse of each user’s RFID wristband or smart-card is a unique ID number. Attendees simply input this number when adding credit, and funds are instantly added to their account, ready to spend around the event.

What are the benefits of mobile self-service?

One obvious advantage is the further reduction to queue-times at the event. By offering guests self-service, we also reduce staffing requirements on-site.

It also provides multiple opportunities to drive revenue, in the form of up-sales and add-ons, through the mobile portal.

Is any additional infrastructure required to deliver mobile self-service?

At Glownet, we pride ourselves on developing network independent solutions for events. That being said, you do require connectivity in order to deliver mobile self-service top-ups.

Usually, attendee’s virtual wallets are held directly on their wristband or smart-card. This means that vendor POS devices communicate directly with the RFID tag to add and remove credits, taking payments in this way.

When enabling self-service top-ups, the balance is no longer held directly on the RFID tag. Instead it is held on a user’s virtual wallet, hosted in the cloud. When a vendor taps an attendee’s wristband, their terminal refers to our platform to determine the customer’s balance and take payment.

Other than this, no additional on-site hardware is required to deliver mobile self-service top-ups.

Can the mobile portal be branded?

Yes! The mobile top-up portal is fully customizable, allowing you to brand it in line with your event or a sponsor’s visual identity.

What types of event can use mobile self-service solutions?

Any event can implement these features (as long as there is a good internet connection). They are especially effective in stadium, fixed venue and arena environments, where internet infrastructures are already installed.
To find out more about mobile self-service options for your event, contact one of our regional account managers today.