Festicket and Glownet Join Forces to Create Cashless Experiences

December 1, 2018
Festicket and Glownet are excited to announce a new and innovative partnership, which will enable fully integrated ticketing and cashless processes for festivals, whilst also streamlining their access operations and providing an enhanced customer journey for attendees.

Festicket’s specialism in ticketing, accommodation and transfer packages for over 1,000 festivals worldwide, and Glownet’s proven track record in serving more than 650 events with the latest innovations in RFID event technology make the two organisations a natural fit.

Smarter, Faster, Frictionless.

Through clever integration of the Festicket and Glownet platforms, festival-goers will be able to enjoy a unified ticketing and cashless experience at festivals around the world. Using cash-bands and pre-paid cards, customers’ cashless accounts are fully automated with their ticket purchase, allowing them to pre-load credits onto their wristband or card online before they head on-site to enjoy the party.

Glownet has successfully delivered cashless solutions at some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious festivals, including Sonar, Lollapalooza and Ultra, where their fully-integrated RFID solution also encompasses access control and analytics services.

By harvesting data from every customer interaction, intelligent reports are generated to improve the attendee experience at future events, and drive additional revenue for festival organisers.

“It’s all about a hassle-free experience for festival-goers”, says Siebe Gerbrande, CEO at Glownet. “Industry adoption has really taken off in the last couple of years, and we have been able to prove time and time again that our technology has real value to festival organisers.”

“Our platform has been a 6-year-old labour of love, and we work continuously in ensuring that roll-out is effortless and agile for organisers. Our partnership with Festicket proves our dedication to event attendees, ensuring that their experience is easy too!”

Matt Ephgrave, Chief Operations Officer at Festicket, adds: “We’ve found that many people are not keen to carry cash around with them on-site and would prefer to go cashless. Using Glownet’s solution, we’re able to set up cashless payments during the booking process. It’s a hassle-free way of ensuring that fans have less on-site stress. We’re very pleased to be able to partner with them to help bring better experiences to festival goers.”

About Festicket

Festicket is a leading online portal offering festival packages and information for music, travel, party and fun lovers worldwide. With Festicket you can book tickets for over 1000 festivals, alongside accommodation, transfers and extras in just one click. We take the hassle out of your festival discovery and booking experience, and ensure that you have a great time at the best festivals across the world. Your festival experience starts here!

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About Glownet

Glownet is a leading authority in the delivery of RFID technology in the events space, allowing organisers to make smarter decisions and increase their revenue.

With an impressive portfolio of more than 650 events globally, Glownet have delivered their solution successfully in a variety of markets and venues, from sporting stadia to green-field festivals. Clients include: HSBC New Zealand 7s, Ultra, Moto GP and Spotify.

The Glownet platform integrates cashless, access control and check-in processes, delivering reports and tools for festival organisers to improve their processes and amplify their understanding on customer behaviours with ease.