3 Major Festivals, 1 Weekend

June 14, 2018
Following an unforgettable delivery last weekend at Paraíso festival, Glownet continues to innovate this June. At three festivals across three different continents, this weekend the Glownet team delivers our platform in South Africa, Spain and Singapore.


This year Sónar Barcelona celebrates its 25th anniversary, and fourth year with Glownet. After introducing cashless payment solutions to the festival in 2015, Sónar has continued to add more solutions from the Glownet package each year to optimize the live event experience. Our access control tools, check-in systems and staff accreditations have significantly benefited the organization and operation of the festival by reducing queues, maximising revenue and eliminating theft and ticketing fraud by 100%. Last year the event welcomed a record-breaking 123,000 people over the weekend.


Glownet continues to set new milestones in the Eastern Hemisphere as this weekend we deliver our first ever cashless event in Singapore. Ultra Singapore is part of the Ultra worldwide phenomenon, celebrating the highest quality EDM music at unique festivals in over 20 different countries. Over the last years, Glownet’s partners Howler successfully delivered cashless payment solutions at Ultra Cape Town and Johannesburg editions and this year the Glownet team joined Ultra Miami to enrich their VVP experience. Glownet are thrilled to continue their journey with the experts in electronic music on the other side of the globe.

South Africa

In South Africa, Glownet’s partners Howler will deliver RFID cashless solutions to LYFE made brighter MTN. Organized by South Africa’s leading youth radio station, YFN, the event takes place on June 16th, coinciding with one of the nation’s most celebrated holidays, Youth Day. The intimate event will showcase music, fashion, gaming and arts from talented local creatives. Glownet are delighted to provide LYFE with the tools necessary to maximise the event’s potential.