Staff and Security Management Solutions


Designed specifically to help the promoter manage their staff, certain security aspects at the event and also customer behaviour.

Glownet works with promoters to ensure that front-line staff are empowered to maintain Health and Safety standards. In December 2013, Glownet deployed its Yellow Card service, which enables senior operational staff to turn off a customer’s alcohol entitlements. This is a discretionary tool, which can be used to issue a caution to someone who is inebriated or has been aggressive. During this time the wristband cannot be used to purchase any alcohol – it will be denied at all vendors – and can only be reactivated once the customer has reported to customer service with a more sober attitude.

Glownet can also blacklist a person or a specific wristband if the circumstances warrant it. For example a customer may have been ejected from the festival or is wanted by the police. Once the owner’s wristband has been blacklisted they will not be able to buy anything through any vendor and security can be alerted as soon as they pass through a security gate or try and perform a transaction.


Increase security Accurate information to manage staff shifts
Real time reporting to improve quality of service
Customer behaviour tracking


Rhythm & Alps, December 29-31 2012, New Zealand
Rhythm & Vines, December 27-31 2013, New Zealand
British Summertime, July 3-13 2014, England
Latitude Festival, July 16-20 2014, England
Secret Garden Party, July 24-27 2014, England
Camp Bestival, July 31- August 3 2014, England
Reading, August 22-24 2014, England
Leeds, August 22-24 2014, England
Electric Picnic, August 29- 31 2014, Ireland


Mobile devices
Android 4.0 +
Robust IP68
Long lasting batteries
RFID readers