Check-in and Access Control Tools


Glownet provides this solution to manage customer accreditation when festivalgoers arrive on site for the first time. The customer presents their barcoded ticket or ID to a check-in operator, who scans the ticket to bring up the customer record in our system. The customer is then presented with an activated RFID-enabled wristband. Customer information is written to the chip and the process takes a matter of seconds. gPASS is also used to manage Box Office accreditations for those that purchase tickets at the venue on the day of the event.

We also provide a means for events to manage access into different areas of the site. Rather than relying on security guards to conduct visual checks on colours of wristbands or worse still requesting paper tickets each time, Glownet uses RFID to manage and control these permissions. Security staff are provided with mobile RFID scanners at specific entrances to scan customers in and out. Additionally areas that need to be secured, such as cash counting locations, can be protected by authorizing entry only to those with the right permissions on their RFID chip.


Reduce fraud in entry
Reduce gate staffing requirements
Shorten customer processing times
Control gates
Operational reporting


Rhythm & Alps, December 29-31 2012, New Zealand
Spring Scream, April 3-7 2013, Taiwan
OpDreef, May 25 2013, Netherlands
Standon Calling, August 2-4 2013, England
321 Festival, September 14 2013, Netherlands
Feast Food & Wine, October 27 2013, New Zealand
Rhythm & Vines, December 27-31 2013, New Zealand
BW Summer Festival, December 26-31 2013, New Zealand
7th Sunday, June 8 2014, Netherlands
IE Business School MIM Games, June 5-8 2014, Spain
Standon Calling, August 1-3 2014, England
Mysterious World, September 5-6 2014, Malaysia
Future Music Forum, September 17-19 2014, Spain
AIF Conference, October 17 2014, Wales
Life in Color, December 6 2014, Netherlands
Valhalla Festival, December 20 2014, Netherlands
Brunch Electronik, March-May 2015, Spain


Mobile devices
Barcode scanners
Android 4.0 +
Robust IP68
Long lasting batteries
RFID readers