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7,500 attendees

12-14 January 2018


Returning for it fourth edition, UNIFY: A Heavy Music Gathering brings together 29 artists ranging from local emerging talent to international hits. With a limited 7,500 tickets released, these were sold out in just 5 days. With such high anticipations UNIFY 2018 was an unmatched success.

UNIFY is Australia’s only camping festival dedicated to heavy metal music fans. UNIFY and Glownet partnered together to deliver cashless payment systems, access control tools and business intelligence reports. Smart data captured in the event holds an immense untapped value. All the information gathered from the RFID wristbands and cards can bring powerful insights of customer demographics, user spending and more.

To promote sustainability, UNIFY also worked with Kartent to provide festival goers with recyclable cardboard tents. These tents are waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions while also providing a comfortable and sustainable form of sleeping. With this edition finished, everyone is certainly waiting for Australia’s leading heavy music gathering to return.

Photography by Brett Cronin