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The Next Web

12,500 attendees

18-19 May 2017


Since its early beginnings in 2006, The Next Web event (TNW) has been revolutionising the evolution of technology events worldwide. Their techniques have mastered the networking environment to the last detail, creating the best possible atmosphere to learn and share ideas. In 2017, over 12,500 business leaders joined the two day conference in order to inspire others how to  create innovation.

The Next Web is known for showcasing 8 topics, from digital innovation, entrepreneurship to collaborative economies and more. In addition, these events are not only known for their business side but also for the numerous leisure activities they provide such as food trucks, workshops and parties.

Glownet partnered with TNW to deliver tools to manage more efficiently access control, implement cashless payments and provide with business intelligence analytics for the event organizers.

Not only Glownet participated in the creation of this event. A large number of other businesses joined their efforts to provide an unforgettable experience. In collaboration with IBM, Microsoft, Intel and many others, Glownet was able to deliver a unique event that will resonate in the attendees mind for weeks.