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Salón Erótico

25,000 attendees

5-8 October 2017


For 25 successful years, Salón Erótico comes again to Barcelona for another espectacular edition. For those who don’t know, Salón Erótico is a yearly exposition that happens in the city of Barcelona to celebrate art related to sexuality, eroticism and all of its manifestations. In a three day event, over 80 exhibitors got together to showcase their work. These included erotic movie producers, directors, actors of the industry and much more.

Glownet partnered with Salón Erótico to bring their event to the RFID environment. The wristbands issued by Glownet allowed the guests to access and exit freely the area by simply tapping them with the readers at entry points. Glownet also offered cashless payment systems to facilitate and ease the transactions on-site. With over 25,000 people in the latest edition with a food truck and merchandising section, cashless systems were able to reduce queues at points of sales creating a better customer experience.

Like in past editions, this one was no different. Filled with exhibitions for those interested in the erotic world, Salón Erótico was another success to be remembered. Stay tuned for more in the next edition in 2018.