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Rhythm and Alps

10,000 attendees

December 29-31 2017

New Zealand

A special event for us, Rhythm and Alps marks our 500th event since our inception! After years of hard work from our team and collaboration with our partners, we have reached this important milestone in our company.

Returning for its 12th edition, Rhythm and Alps proved to be yet another success this past new years. Glownet and Rhythm and Alps worked together to bring their biggest edition yet. Cashless payment systems, access control tools and business intelligence reports gave Rhythm and Alps all of the needed instruments to maximize the potential of their event.

For this years edition, over 50 international and local artists got together to celebrate the end of the year. With three bars continuously serving cold beer and over 15 food vendors with different options, festival goers had the time of their lives. Attracting over 10,000 people from all over the globe to its unique location in Cardrona Valley in New Zealand the event was always set for success.

An important milestone for us and another triumph for Rhythm and Alps, we are excited for future editions to keep bringing people all over the world to celebrate the end of the year again.