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Popload Brazil

25,000 Attendees

November 15 2017


This year Popload returns with its fifth event in a row, Popload Brazil 2017. A renowned festival world wide it has brought legendary artists from Iggy Pop, Todd Terje and the Brazilian sensation Emicida. Given its success it was naturally given the Best Festival of 2015 award.

Since its origin in 2013, Popload has welcomed over 25,000 attendees to its unique location, the Latin America Memorial. A better place for a festival could have not been chosen, as this memorial stands to represent the unity and integration of the Latin American people.

Glownet teamed up with Popload to provide cashless payments, access control tools, and business intelligence reports for event organizers to optimize the performance of the event. As Popload occurs every year, event organizers greatly benefit from Glownet’s Intelligence suite.

By studying their attendees spending behaviour, they will be able to make smarter decisions on stock and vendor management in future editions creating better experiences every year that goes by.