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Moto GP

550,000 attendees

5 June 2016


One of the most legendary events in the world, the Moto GP 2016 held one if its most iconic races in Barcelona, Spain. Since 1992, Barcelona has been the host of the 7th round of the Grand Prix events, marking it as a special event. Racers and fans alike gather together once a year in a superb track just 25km from the city of Barcelona to witness one of the best sporting events out there. A whooping 550,000 attendees assisted the event to not only enjoy the race but also the immense facility and the rich variety of food and drink vendors.

For the first time, Glownet and the  Grand Prix were given access to the latest RFID technologies in cashless services, access control tools and business intelligence analytics. Given the magnitude of the event, access control tools were able to manage the high volumes of people entering and exiting the event.

RFID technologies go beyond this method and simply by pressing your wristbands against an access gate, or a security guard with a reader, you are able to enter the area you wish. Given the drastic increase in transaction speed of cashless technology and the reduction of queues, the high influxes of people were served quickly and effortless, creating an incredible customer experience.

The immersion of Moto GP 2016 to an RFID environment gave it the tools to manage high volumes of attendees effortlessly, while not only providing a good experience but also creating a more profitable event.