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15,000 + attendees

Event Series 2017


For the past year, Glownet has worked with the event management company Gastorbande to deliver events during the last year. Over 15,000 guests have attended events in famous nightclubs such as Faceclub, City Center Löbau and Hans Im Klub. Gastrobande also offers a wide range of services such as catering, infrastructure, sponsorship & marketing, staffing and more.

Glownet partnered with Gastrobande to deliver our first event series. Under event series, customers are given RFID cards which are used to pay at bars across all of the venues certified by Gastrobande. Online top ups have been enabled, which allows guests to charge their Gastrobande cards with credit before leaving their houses for the night. RFID cards perform transactions almost twice as fast as traditional point of sales systems with credit/debit cards, making queues significantly shorter.

Additionally, an advantage of event series are the potential uses of business intelligent reports. Each RFID card holds the consumption history of any given customer. These transactions can be examined by organizers and allow them to make better decisions to optimize the performance of their events.

Event series maximize the potential of cashless payments and business intelligence solution to create the ultimate customer experience. Our work at Gastrobande is not done yet. There will be a few more editions until the end of the 2017 year, hope to see you in one of them!