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Caloundra Music Festival

26,000 attendees

29 Sept. - 2 Oct. 2017


With a humble start over 10 years ago, Caloundra Music Festival (CMF) was set to deliver positive economic, social and cultural benefits for its guests. For this edition, over 26,000 people gathered to witness some of the greatest local stars Australia has to offer, such as Spiderbait, Drapht, Thundamental and others. The three day event had swimming pools, water fountains, children parks, picnic areas and a food truck area – all of the necessary areas to accommodate people of all ages and tastes.

Glownet worked with CMF to deliver another smooth experience for their guests. With access control tools, cashless payments and business intelligence reports, the event was handled easily. The biggest problem festival goers face are queues that keep them busy when they should be enjoying their favorite artists. With transaction speeds almost twice as fast than usual, lines at points of sale and top up stations were greatly reduced.

With all the customer spending data captured by the RFID chips, CMF organizers can analyze it and make better decisions on stock management in future editions to create an even better experience.