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Absolut Manifesto

3,000 attendees

25-28 January 2018


Cashless payment solutions ✓
Access Control Tools ✓
Business Intelligence Reports ✓

In a successful endeavour to cure the common January blues, the superstars of vodka, Absolut, took over Madrid for a weekend of celebrations in the first edition of their concept party, Absolut Manifesto.

The three day fiesta was created to celebrate freedom, love, equality and a sustainable future. With headline performances from Italian DJ Silvie Loto and displays of contemporary art and new technology, the event demonstrated how a globalised world could lead to a prosperous future.

Glownet partnered with Absolut to deliver an unforgettable experience. With cashless payment solutions and access control tools, Absolute was able to optimize the performance of their event by decreasing queue time and maintaining customer alcohol levels.

Furthermore, through business intelligence reports provided by Glownet, Absolut were able to try out new products and measure their success due to the intelligence data captured.

An intimate gathering of 3,000 people, Glownet ensured that Absolut Manifesto were able to deliver a smooth and enjoyable experience for both attendees and organizers.