Congratulations to our partner Festival Forte!

Good news!

We are happy to announce that our partner Forte Festival was awarded the Bordalo Pinheiro Prize by the Ministry of the Environment, under the program Sê-Lo Verde. This award was won by our efforts in the Festival Forte by implementing our cashless solution which allowed the festival to reduce resources and materials associated with the printing of disposable wristbands and receipts/sales invoices.

What is Sê-lo Verde?

The Sê-lo Verde Program was developed by the Ministry of Environment in Portugal with the objective to attract medium (5,000-25,000 attendees) sized to large festivals (+25,000 attendees) festivals in Portugal to practice more sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches. According to a study from the Ministry of Environment of Portugal 160 thousand tons of waste were created in festivals in 2017. This is on average 7.5kg of waste produced per festival goer. With over 2.1 million people assisting these events in Portugal this year, festivals have become the ideal channel to raise awareness about environmentally friendly practices.

With this in mind the program had four distinct objectives in mind. These were:

  • To encourage the adoption of environmental criteria that contribute effectively to the reduction of emissions from gases, as well as residues, and non-recurring items
  • To innovative approaches to the issue such as new technologies, integration of renewable’s, collaborative economy, ecological design
  • To contribute to the education and awareness of the entities such as promoters, brands,municipalities, spectators, and local community
  • To enhance, promote and communicate this performance to the national and international public

Requirements for the program:

The requirements for the participating in the program were simple. It only included festivals, the program was not suitable for stadiums, arenas, auditoriums,events or thematic fairs. The festivals had to have the necessary licenses and access control tools and finally, the duration of the event must be more than one day. Under this conditions, a diverse jury was composed of members of the music world, technology and innovation set to judge the environmental and sustainable practices of the festival.

Prizes and recognition received

The winner of the program was set to receive a hefty compensation of 500,000 euros to maintain these practices in future editions. Our partner Festival Forte was the selected winner of this prestigious award. Our solution at Festival Forte also received praised by Ministry of Environment not only for being environmentally friendly, but also for creating a more comfortable experience for festival goers. The festival infrastructure created additional security as the chance of theft is greatly reduced and greater access control monitoring as the festival areas were accessed with a unique card.

Whats next?

With the success of the 2017 program, the Ministry of Portugal is already thinking on expanding to other sectors in the 2018 program.The objective of Sê-lo Verde 2018 is now to reach other types of outdoor events with paid entry, such as fairs promoted by local authorities.We are proud of our partner Festival Forte and wish them best of luck next year.

Connect with your users; start early

The success of your event depends on your ability to build a connection with your users. From the first moment they hear about your event up to the moment they tell their friends about the great experience they had. Our focus is usually on giving users the most amazing time while being physically at the event. And it is true that this is where the real magic happens. Not only people to be delighted by music, friends and fun, they expect the smoothest and most frictionless experience possible. Using automated ticket validation, optimised access control and a cashless infrastructure go a long way in giving users an amazing experience at your event.

Start engagement early

Engagement starts way before your users reach the front gate. Far in advance you’ll need to engage the customers to drive awareness and ticket sales. A good starting point for engagement is the worlds largest social gathering; Facebook.

There are three types of Facebook ads we recommend to promote your event. These are designed to boost ticket sales, drive event responses and expand reach of your Facebook posts.

  • Sell more tickets: This type of ad has a “Buy Tickets” call-to-action button on it. By pressing the button it will take the user automatically to either your website, ticketing partner or any other format you are using to sell tickets.
  • Increase event responses: Similar to the previous ad format, instead of a buy option, there will be a button for users to mark if they’re attending or interested in the event. This will allow you build a pool of influences and followers to drive additional engagement and sales.
  • Post promotion: As one of the most common types of ad, it allows you to boost your Facebook post with the intention of reaching audiences likely to engage with your content.

An optimised and consistent user journey is the key

It is important to create a user journey that is consistent and optimised. Never look at marketing, ticketing, on-site and post-event separately. It all comes together as one customer journey. To ensure this, you’ll need to make sure all your marketing efforts are aligned and well integrated with your ticketing partner. Users hate entering data multiple times and will be very vocal if you don’t show you care about them every step of the way. Following this, you’ll need to ensure ticketing data flows directly into your access and onsite efforts. This is why Glownet has developed an extensive set of APIs that integrates with all major ticketing platforms. This allows us to facilitate real time box-office sales, ticket validation and profile integration. Together we enable the ultimate customer journey, where (social) marketing flows through ticket sales into the best live onsite experience. Interested to learn more? Get in touch.