Valhalla: A Bizarre Ride

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On December 20th 2014, we rolled out a fully cashless delivery at SFX’s closing event for the year, Valhalla: A Bizarre Ride. At our second event working with SFX and 25,000 attendees this year, we were challenged with the task of introducing the benefits of RFID into the Dutch market, which has long been dominated by the use of tokens.

We successfully delivered our gPASS solution for access control (as well as a check-in pilot) and our gPAY cashless solution to all 25,000 guests. With 52 top-up stations spread across 52 kassa units and 29 vendors and bars on site, we deployed 153 mobile devices to achieve a seamless cashless payment experience. We also had 2 customer service locations, which we’re happy to say remained quiet throughout the entire event.

Through the use of our RFID solutions, guests benefited from shorter queues, the elimination of theft, and post event refunds – a huge plus to guests who normally have to quickly spend their leftover tokens at the end of the night, or bite the bullet and lose money on unused tokens, as refunds are not given with the token currency system.

Aside from happier guests who found more time on their hands to enjoy the music they’d come to see, Valhalla organizers benefitted heavily from our live reporting tools. These live reports gave the promoter the ability to alert sponsors to top selling products and empowered bar managers to make real time decisions regarding stock levels. In addition full event performance reports were delivered a mere 48 hours post-event including total real money top-ups by kassa unit, total sales, full vendor sales summaries including top 10 products sold by hour, and outstanding customer balances.

Our next event delivery: Valhalla Festival!

ValhallaThis coming Saturday, December 20th, we’ll be closing out 2014 with a bang in Amsterdam at Valhalla Festival. We’re excited to keep breaking through the Dutch market which has long been dominated by tokens, by introducing this large event to the ease and convenience of a fully cashless event.

We’ve gained some attention in the press as well. You can read what Entertainment Business and EDM magazine Club Life, have to say about Valhalla choosing to go fully cashless. Check back after Christmas to see how this event delivery rolled out for the expected 25,000+ guests.